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Celebrate National Customer Service Week: “United Through Service”

Customers. Every business needs them. Every business loves them … or tries to love them. Let’s be honest, from the customer’s perspective, some companies aren’t as customer-focused as they purport to be.

In recognition of all employees who strive to provide positive customer experiences, we honor National Customer Service Week. And I see it applying to ALL employees involved in customer service  – those engaged in workplace cultures where customers are truly valued plus those who manage to successfully serve customers despite a culture where customer-focus is just lip service.

This special week-long observance was initiated by the Institute of Customer Service Association (ICSA) nearly 30 years ago to raise awareness of the importance of customer service and acknowledge those who provide it. “United through Service.” is this year’s theme that reflects the special bonding between customers and companies. It provides a wonderful opportunity to engage employees with appreciation, team-building, morale-boosting and fun activities.

And it’s not too late to observe National Customer Service Week:

  • Employers – acknowledge everyone in your organization who does a great job taking care of customers.
  • Employees – acknowledge co-workers who do a great job taking care of you and fellow employees as internal customers.
  • Customers – acknowledge those employees who take do a great job of taking care of you; i.e, in addition to continuing to do business with them, let them know you appreciate their efforts.

Regardless of your status with an organization, you can be creative with your acknowledgment, but you don’t need to be extravagant about it. A simple and sincere “thank you for all you do” is a great way to show your appreciation … this week and all year long.


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