What Employees Say About What Matters in the Workplace

For insight on employee engagement, check out the 2014 Employees’ Choice Awards of the Best Places to Work recently announced by Glassdoor. These awards “are determined using feedback employees have shared on Glassdoor throughout the past year. Employees complete an anonymous company review survey that captures their overall job and company satisfaction, along with sentiment toward career opportunities, compensation & benefits, work-life balance, senior leadership and more.

Glassdoor is a site that provides employees a safe place to share their views. To avoid being a venting site for disgruntled employees, Glassdoor provides guidelines to encourage balanced content rather than singularly negative feedback. In addition, the site attracts job seekers with job listings and company information that includes voluntary feedback from former employees, current employees, and job candidates going through the interviewing and hiring process.

Besides appealing to employees and job candidates, Glassdoor’s site can also be a great resource for employers. Here’s why:

For better understanding employee engagement

Glassdoor’s best-places-to-work list shares employee feedback (pro and con) about the workplace. I recommend it to employers who want to improve employee engagement and don’t know where to begin. They can find information and comments about the award winners to learn what general practices employees consider important and then adapt and/or apply their findings in their own company engagement surveys.

For better understanding your employer brand

HR and marketing professionals can look for their company’s profile on Glassdoor’s site to learn what current and prospective employees are candidly saying about their company’s internal brand. Think of it as a centralized listening post for employee feedback on the workplace – maybe even your own company’s workplace. Don’t you want to know what your employees and prospects are telling others about you?



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