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Summer Blog Break 2014

After an extremely busy six months of speaking engagements and client work, it’s time for my annual blog break. I find summer is the perfect time to clear my head, catch up on a backlog of reading (preferably outside in the sunshine), and stimulate new content marketing ideas.

This is only a temporary break from blogging. I’m working on several client and writing projects this summer and will continue to stay active on Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media networks. Until I return to blogging in mid-late August, you can find many great current and archived posts on:

Have a happy and safe summer!

2 replies on “Summer Blog Break 2014”

Good for you, Sybil! And, how European (in a good way). One of the things European countries have had right for so long, and the USA has had wrong, is embracing the need for and benefits of rest and renewal. Unfortunately, the global economy is placing pressure on traditions of siesta and month long summer holidays. Personally, I cannot wait to retire; the people around me are hyper-connected, always plugged in, never unavailable. Devices have tethered people to work 24/7. How sad. They look haggard and anxious and the pressure to do more with less is unrelenting. I’d much rather sit in a comfy chair reading a good book than try to race to the top and an early demise. It’s summer! Chill!

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