Keep This in Mind When You’re Planning to Restructure

The Reorganization
by David Zinger

They moved us,
yet we were not moved.

They changed us,
yet we remained the same.

Boxes on pyramidal charts
yanked off the shelf
like Cheerios from a grocery store.

They morphed us
into a matrix.
Duties reassigned as we searched
for our coffee mug that failed to move with us.

They pushed.
We stiffened.
Memos menaced as washroom whispers hissed.

Bounce back.
Start over.
Invite us.
Involve us.
Trust us.

We move together,
not chess pieces at war
checking each other into corners,
we play on the same board.

– From David Zinger’s book of poems on workplace engagement, Assorted Zingersillustrated by cartoonist John Junson.




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