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A Twilight Zone Episode? If Only!

[Note: I’m delighted to feature this brilliant piece written by Izzy Gesell, who generously allowed me to share it here. A former stand-up comedian and public school teacher turned professional facilitator, coach, and speaker, Izzy creatively applies improvisation to enhance personal and organizational learning. You can learn more about this “organizational alchemist who helps individuals and organizations transform their thinking from commonplace to extraordinary” by visiting Izzy’s website.]

“Ladies, gentlemen & non-binary passengers. This is your Captain speaking. This inaugural flight of Air Pandemica is beginning its final descent into the partially renovated New Normal airport.

I know we’ve been in the air much longer than anticipated so I hope the complimentary Zoom memberships made the journey a bit easier.

Please take the remaining time to check around your seats and into your heart and make sure your risk-tolerance belt is tightened low and snug around your assumptions.

The flight crew will make one final pass through the cabin to collect all old habits, empty sanitizer bottles and the take-out food containers that have sustained you during this trip.

In your seat pocket you’ll find our complimentary in-flight magazine called “Lessons Learned.” You are welcome to take it with you. Please read it and discuss it with your children and grandchildren so they might know what to do if or when they have to take the same trip.

We’ll be landing shortly, fingers crossed. Vaccinated passengers wearing masks will depart first. Thanks again for flying Air Pandemica. We know you had NO choice in airlines but we thank you anyway. Hope never to see you again. BuhBye.”

[Thank you, Izzy Gesell!]

[Image credit: photo by Daniel Norris on Unsplash]

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Sybil–Great repost from @Izzy. So funny, and so eerily true–every last bit! I also hope it goes out of business!

I appreciate the posting of this piece, Sybil. Reading the news yesterday about the diversion of the #Ryanair flight to Minsk, I’d say the bizarre world of air travel is waking from its pandemic lethargy.

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