A New, Painful Perspective

Feeling overwhelmed by work responsibilities? I was until …

I got perspective. And it hit me hard.

This awakening occurred after I participated in an online discussion with a core group of indefatigable volunteer members of Global Facilitators Serving Communities (GFSC) and several Ukrainian facilitators/consultants. It’s purpose was to better understand the challenges they face and how we might help each other. The meeting took place as part of a series of supporting discussions that followed up GFSC’s online workshop, “Crisis > Change > Choice – Building Personal & Community Resilience,”  held for Ukrainian facilitators.

Professional and personal crises

Stories were shared of their frustrations in finding work opportunities in foreign countries as displaced professionals where they’re viewed as refugees. I find it difficult to imagine their experiences:

  • escaping the trauma of war while continuing to worry about family and friends who remain in the Ukraine
  • adapting to different cultures, languages, business customs
  • uncertain of how long they’ll stay and when/if they can return home
  • struggling to be respected as professionals; as one participant commented, “I’m dealing with who I was then vs. who I am now.”

Their stories reflected amazing resilience. Nonetheless, I can’t imagine not helping them.

What can I/we do?

One of the ideas that emerged from our discussion – one I’m excited to engage in – involves reaching out to colleagues in selective professional and personal networks to make helpful connections.

Even though I’m still overwhelmed by work, I now have a different perspective given what I learned from my peers in the Ukraine. As the saying goes “It’s all relative” … and it’s worth helping where we can.

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