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Marketing Marketing – Step 4

For this post, we build on the previous three steps: understand your product value (Step 1), identify your target markets, and establish your positioning (Steps 2 & 3).

Step 4 involves assessing your internal communications to identify opportunities to build awareness and educate your target markets about marketing’s value:

  • How are you using the top-down, bottom-up, and horizontal communication channels within your organization?
  • What are the media vehicles available within each directional channel? (e.g., intranet, staff meetings, employee newsletters, etc.)
  • Are you using the appropriate mix to reach your target audiences?

When you do this assessment, you may be surprised at the opportunities you may be missing to reach your internal targets.

Say what?

And once you identify the communications vehicles you wish to use, what do you say?  Whatever is necessary to reinforce your value and positioning (as you determined back in Step 3).

My next post will wrap up this series with the final step involved in marketing marketing.

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