Work-Life in the Future: A New Vision

For an interesting look into how we might work in the future, check out the results of Career Innovation’s “Redesigning Work” survey.  I recently read a preview of their final report Manifesto for the New Agile Workplace.  (You can order a free copy of the executive summary in PDF format.)

Here are some highlights of their research into the work world of the future:

  • Work will be redefined by behavior and outcomes rather than tasks.  (This reinforces the need to hire by attitude first, specific skills second.)
  • Work will also be re-defined by project or customer requirements instead of the basic 35-40 hours work week.
  • A better work-life balance can be achieved when work commitments are better matched with life-phases.  For example, workers taking career breaks in their 40’s (when family and/or personal growth needs are great) and resuming work in their 60’s (so they can continue to work rather than retire).

This projected new world addresses current high levels of employee dissatisfaction with:

  • their ability to achieve work-life balance
  • their sense of achievement from work, and
  • the way their skills are being use … to name just a few pinch points.

I can empathize with the frustration found in the study — it’s one of the reasons I chose to become self-employed 18 years ago.  It’s also why I seem to be more satisfied with work than a lot of folks I know.

But for today’s workers, especially the younger ones, Career Innovation’s Manifesto offers an interesting & hopeful peek into a future work life.

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