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Internal Marketing Best Practice Study

As promised in my last post, here are some of the key findings from the Internal Marketing Best Practice Study sponsored by the Forum for People Performance Management & Measurement.

The study was based on understanding effective internal marketing initiatives in U.S. companies in a variety of industries.  These companies all recognize and reinforce the critical role employees play in achieving organizational success.  As such, they share the following values:

  • “People matter” – beyond the usual lip service, people really are important.  So these companies focus on creating a work environment “where people feel excited & rewarded” in their daily tasks.
  • “Internal Marketing drives performance” – recognizing employees are extensions of the brand, the companies focus on maximizing the employee-customer satisfaction link.
  • Anyone can make a difference – all employees count and should be recognized, not just senior management.
  • “Employee loyalty is critical” – companies who are “transparent” about their challenges and strategic direction can maintain employee loyalty in difficult times.
  • “Culture can be a competitive advantage” – internal marketing helps preserve a strong corporate culture.

I’ll share more of this internal marketing best practice study in my next post.

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Arif, I’ll see what I have in my library and email you the info. In the meantime, I updated the links in this post to the Forum for People Performance Management & Measurement.
Best of luck with your thesis!

I am on my thesis “Internal Marketing in the Private Public sector University Setting”. If you have any information, resources where I can get help on this topic.I really appreciate your cooperation in this regard. Arif Vaseer

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