Engagement Marketing

Internal Marketing Best Practice Study (continued)

Thanks to research conducted by Forum for People Performance Management & Measurement, we have a new definition for internal marketing and insight on the values shared by companies with effective internal marketing programs..

The 2006 Internal Marketing Best Practices study also identified the following six key characteristics of internal marketing success:

  • Senior management participation and buy-in is vital for any internal marketing initiative.
  • An integrated organizational structure is needed for internal marketing to “encompass all employees in a company.”
  • Internal marketing involves a deliberate strategic marketing approach similar to that used in external marketing.
  • Internal marketing calls for a partnership with Human Resources.
  • A focus on employee engagement helps create a “collaborative work environment where employees feel involved and motivated.”
  • Internal brand communication is needed to convey the brand promise to employees and motivate them to deliver on the promise.

I encourage you to check out the Forum’s research on internal marketing and its critical impact on business success and profitability.

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