How to Re-Engage Employees

“It’s sad, really, how a negative workplace can impact our lives and the way we feel about ourselves. The situation is reaching pandemic heights – most people go to work at jobs they dislike, supervised by people who don’t care about them, and directed by senior leaders who are often clueless about where to take the company.”  – Leigh Branham and Mark Hirschfeld

But there is hope! And you can find it in Branham & Hirschfeld’s new book, Re-Engage: How America’s Best Places to Work Inspire Extra Effort in Extraordinary Times. The authors analyzed millions of surveys from more than 10,000 employers in Quantum Workplace’s massive database used to identify the “Best Paces to Work.” They share the critical clues and insights they found that distinguish what some companies are doing to create and maintain a winning workplace despite a chaotic business climate.

Their analysis revealed six universal drivers of employee engagement:

  • Caring, competent and engaging senior leaders
  • Effective managers who keep employees aligned and engaged
  • Effective teamwork at all levels
  • Job enrichment and professional growth
  • Valuing employee contributions
  • Concern for employee well-being.

Each driver is described in depth and illustrated by winning companies that exemplify these drivers. The authors also share the “voice” of employees working in positive and negative situations with quotes about what employees like and what frustrates them on the job.

What makes Re-Engage particularly relevant is that the authors also provide guidance in the wake of major challenges to workplace engagement, particularly:

  • when a company grows in size (“diseconomies of scale”)
  • increasing workforce age diversity (“generational diversity”)
  • the continuing economic crisis (“turbulent times”).

Recognizing that workplace engagement is not the sole responsibility of managers, Branham & Hirschfeld also devote a chapter to what employees can do for their own self-engagement.

Every once in a while, you find a business book that’s truly rich in insight and guidance – Re-Engage is one such book, and I highly recommend it.


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