“Re-Engage” Book Giveaway

I have an extra copy of the new Re-Engage book that I’m happy to give away to someone in the U.S. or Canada. Just post a comment here as to why you’re interested in this book, and I’ll choose a winner (subjectively, of course).

Here are the details for this book giveaway:

  • Post a comment on this blog entry by April 30, 2010, in response to completing this statement: “I want to read this book because …”
  • I’ll select the winner based on what I think is the best response and will notify him/her by email on May 3, 2010, with a request for a delivery address for the book. If I do not receive an email reply with contact info by May 10, 2010, I will choose an alternate winner.
  • I’ll post a follow up comment here announcing the winner’s name.
  • Due to mailing costs, this book giveaway is only available for residents in the U.S. or Canada.

I look forward to your entries. Good luck!

5 replies on ““Re-Engage” Book Giveaway”

Congratulations to Kristie, whom I chose to receive a free copy of “Re-Engage” based on her challenge of strengthening & maintaining engagement in an emotionally charged, mission-driven environment.
Special thanks @ Missy, Gregg, and Ted for your comments. I hope each of you will still get your hands on this book – it’s well worth it.

The review of the “Re-Engage” book amazed me–it was SO appropriate for our small, yet exponentially growning, non-profit agency in South Louisiana. We are a cancer support center that provides free direct assistance (medical supplies, nutritional supplement, financial assistance, wigs, etc.) and support services (support groups, children’s programs, counseling) to just over 5,000 cancer patients in our 10-parish area each year. In the last 18 months, we have had a 20% increase in the number of new patients we are serving, and it continues to increase as cancer diagnoses unfortunately continue to increase as well in our area. Our staff of 17 women work extra hard to provide caring, compassionate services for cancer patients–but the work is exhausting, and “compassion-fatigue” sets in often. As the marketing associate, it’s my job to direct not only the external, but the internal marketing as well, for our agency. We try to schedule team building initiatives and activities, but it can be very difficult. With a diverse group of women, the “motivational dna” differs for each person. I need help in re-engaging our team; with better engagement, we can perform better work and successfully meet the challenge of caring for our increasing number of cancer patients–we need to meet their vital needs, without facing burnout of the team. Your book could help us!! Thank you!

Employee engagement in the Hospitality Industry is crucial to the success of each individual organization. Without happy employees, the guest experience is going to suffer. In this day of commoditized products, superior service is all we have left to differentiate ourselves from the competition.
I am teaching a class in the fall on Organizational Leadership for Hotels and I am planning on spending the summer brushing up on OD and employee engagement is a key topic. Can you help a man out?

I am excited to read the book because you recommended it, Sybil! (Does sucking-up win points?) In all seriousness, the presentation was A+; it was so refreshing and exciting to hear your message. If we can each implement 10% of what you said there would be many more happy employees and customers out there!

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