Favorite Quotes on Why Employee Engagement is Still a Challenge

“Employers, challenged by globalization, low productivity, wage pressure and talent shortages are not investing in people as they once did. They have gone from a traditional role of being builders of talent to consumers of work.” Jonas PrisingHuman Age 2.0: Future Forces at Work

” … true employee engagement rests on building better leadership and approach to people. It’s not about picnics and awards.”  Deb Lavoy

“Why is demonstrating real respect and value for your employees so difficult? Maybe because it isn’t in the DNA of financially-focused CEOs and/or it’s not high in the list of outcome metrics for which they’re held accountable.” Bill McEwen

‘” … employees choose to engage when a company connects with them as human beings and not as resources.” Paul Hebert

“Enlightened employers know that committed and engaged employees are the critical resource for continuous innovation, effectiveness and productivity. They know that the people doing the actual work often know more than the people in the executive suite about what’s needed in order to succeed. Respect for employee flows from respect for their contributions.” Dr. Judith M. Bardwick

“The result of continually undermining employees’ efforts, particularly when they’re performing according to company standards, is increased employee frustration and disengagement.” Sybil F. Stershic

“People work just hard enough to not get fired, and companies pay employees just enough that they don’t quit.” Paul Kiewiet

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