Two Special Holidays to Recognize in March … Maybe

Besides the coming of spring, the month of March offers two little-known holidays.

World Compliment Day – March 1st

This global holiday “addresses the basic need for human recognition and appreciation. Nobody wins commercially, but everybody gains emotionally. And therein lies its power.”

It’s easy to participate in “the most positive day in the world” — take a moment to compliment someone: friend, family member, colleague, neighbor, caregiver, teacher, store clerk, first responder, restaurant server, etc. You know who’s important to you — tell them you value and appreciate them.

Employee Appreciation Day March 6th

The first Friday in March is Employee Appreciation Day that was created 25 years ago to focus attention on employee recognition in all industries.

For those companies that practice effective employee recognition on an ongoing basis, celebrating the first Friday in March can be a fun event. Host a special breakfast or lunch, give out special treats to everyone, or find a creative way to recognize how employees collectively contribute to company goals, etc., as long as it’s done with an authentic message of appreciation.

You should skip these holidays, however …

IF your observance is forced. People know lip-service when they hear it and token efforts of acknowledgement fall flat.

Authenticity and sincerity matter when telling/showing people you appreciate them.┬áSo don’t do it if you don’t mean it.

[Image credit: Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.]



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