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Building Connections and Engagement in “Smart Women Conversations”

Connecting and engaging people in the workplace with LEGO® … just one of many fascinating topics shared in my video discussion with Smart Women Conversations’ host Yvonne DiVita, respected blogger, serial entrepreneur, and my former publisher who remains a dear friend.

Yvonne launched Smart Women Conversations to “inform, educate, create laughter and share stories of reinvention” as part of her passion to “inspire and educate smart, talented women eager for business success today.”

I’m honored and humbled to be among the impressive women interviewed in this special series and invite you to read Yvonne’s introduction or just watch and listen to our conversation below.

To learn more, please visit Nurturing Big Ideas and check out these other Smart Women Conversations.


2 replies on “Building Connections and Engagement in “Smart Women Conversations””

Thank you, Yvonne, for inviting me to share how LEGO® can work in the business world. Besides its application in STEM/STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) education, playing with LEGO bricks is now recommended for stress reduction in adults because it gives them something to focus on that’s off-screen – similar to the coloring book craze several years ago. My favorite application, however, is using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® for team building and development because it’s “Seriously different, seriously effective, and seriously fun!”

Sybil, this was an illuminating conversation for me. Who knew you could use Lego blocks to help facilitate conversations in team meetings and with managers in the “corporate” world. I think this would have been so helpful in several of the companies I worked for, way back when.
I love the places business is going these days. More “play” and artistic support – to help improve employee retention.

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