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Zappos Culture Book: Best Ever Business Reading’s 2009 Culture Book is here (!) and I’m thrilled to add it to my business library – next to the previous edition that I got on my visit to Zappos last year.

The book is written by Zappos employees who share what the company culture means to them. It’s a beautifully designed and produced book, supplemented with color photos and captions that capture the true spirit of Zappos. The book includes Zappos core values, a brief time line of the company’s 10 year history, and, most important, what the people who live the Zappos culture have to say about it.

Regardless of where they work in the company (customer loyalty center, merchandising, finance, technology & project management, Kentucky warehouse, marketing, etc.), Zappos employees share how valued they feel as members of the Zappos family … how they engage in “serious fun” … how they’re empowered to do and be their best … how they live the company’s values … and how truly happy they are to work at Zappos everyday. (Would your employees say the same? Honestly, I don’t know that many companies whose employees love their workplace.)

Zappos Culture Book should be mandatory reading in every undergraduate business class, MBA, and leadership program.

Read this book to your kids at night, and I swear they’ll tell people “When I grow up, I want to work at Zappos!” This is no fairy tale – Zappos is for real.

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I received my copy of this book today after reading about it in my advanced copy of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s soon to be released book, “Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose.”
So far, I am only a few pages in but I plan to read the entire 2009 Culture Book going from department to department. 🙂 I am very intersted to see how closely the core values line up from departments in Vegas as opposed to those in the KY warehouse.
If you’re interested in reading “Delivering Happiness,” it goes on sale 6/7/2010 but I am giving away an unread, advanced copy of the book on 5/15/2010. Only two people have entered so far, so your chances are pretty excellent. 😉

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